About Me

I’m a product designer with a passion for creating innovative, user-friendly products from ideation to delivery. I graduated with a Bachelor of Design and a Professional Certificate in Digital Design, and have spent the past 2+ years working as a UI/UX Designer primarily in the mobile space. I’ve also designed for responsive web solutions, smart TV, smart watch, and multi-device experiences.

I’ve been the lead designer on mobile projects for Enercare, Free the Children, and OntarioColleges.ca. My designs for We365 for Free the Children were recognized and/or received awards from the W3 Awards, The Webbys, the Davey Awards and the Creativity International Awards. Additionally, my design pitches have helped impress and acquire clients including NBC Sports, Telemundo, Free the Children, Sinovision and more.

I’m looking to pursue opportunities to build innovative consumer-facing products within an enthusiastic and dedicated team. Some of the industries I’m passionate about include media, gaming, retail, and education.

Professional Accolades
W3 Silver Award Winner (6)
Davey Awards – Silver Winner (2)
Creativity International Awards – Bronze Winner
Webby Award Honouree (2)

Student Awards
Applied Arts – Mobile Design
RGD So(cial) Good Design Award


“I’ve had the good fortune to have Chloe on my team for over 2 years. She is laser focused on creating the best user experience and product, bringing to the table her design and presentation skills. Chloe worked seamlessly with clients and their teams, including Enercare, Free the Children, and OCAS. She carefully considers prototype results, team & user feedback, and continues to refine her approach and work, with refreshing style. All this is to say: it’s not hard to see why she has won numerous awards for her work. Always hungry to learn more and dig deeper, she’s never idle and always a joy to work with.”

Jackie Fong, Creative Director & Lead UI/UX Designer at Clearbridge Mobile


“I have been able to work with Chloe over the course of a few years, and in that time I have seen Chloe continue to grow as both a talented and driven designer. But also see her dive into understanding the business goals and objectives of a project. She has been able to further both the design to meet these goals, but work with the clients to help make sure their goals are clearly understood and defined. Chloe has a positive attitude and is always looking to keep moving forward.”

Mitch Astle, Project Manager at Clearbridge Mobile


“Chloe was originally a intern with us and as time past her performance and creativity won us over. We had to hire her on! She was a huge asset to Generator’s design team. Chloe is very attentive to detail, she brought a unique and fresh perspective to the table along with a creative solution to back it up.

As a front-end web developer, she has a relentless determination when problem solving and trouble-shooting websites. She has a strong understanding of balancing design and functionality of a website.

Chloe has a incredible work ethic and confidence in herself and it shows through in all projects we challenged her with. Chloe is reliable and can work autonomously with very little direction. I highly recommend Chloe and I guarantee she will be an enormous asset to any agency.”

Joze Guzman, President & Creative Director at Generator Design of Canada Inc.


“Chloe is a very ambitious, dedicated and hard working individual. She demonstrates the ability to independently lead a project, overcome obstacles and create very solid results.

She is very open to new ideas, new challenges and always strives to better her work and knowledge. Chloe would be a strong asset to any design or marketing team.”

Alan Crouse, Technical Director at Generator Design of Canada Inc.


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