Biologic Companion Prototype

This companion app is a tool that supports patients with rheumatic conditions who have been prescribed self-administered injectable biologics. Focusing on the first 12 weeks, the app guides patients through their treatment experience with personalized content aimed at managing expectations, providing confidence, and improving adherence. 




Motivated to improve product differentiation, patient research was conducted to reveal key pain points in the RA patient experience. The first 12 weeks, which operate similarly to a clinical trial, are the most important because it is when the patient is exploring if the drug will work for them. The app was designed to address the following patient problems during the early stages of taking the medication:

1. There is a lack of upfront expectation setting and management throughout the drug experience.
2. Patients are misunderstanding the dosage schedule and the rationale of dosage changes and adherence.
3. There is no support for at-home injecting or switching doses.


The companion app is structured around a week-by-week timeline that is designed for either passive or active engagement, depending on the level of support the patient needs. The following is an example of one of our actively engaged personas, Ralph, using the app to support him through an injection week while he is travelling for business.

CIMZIA - Scenario - Patient Testing Version

Illustration by Jen Backman

Primary Functionality: A personalized weekly timeline with the user’s injection schedule, notifications and support resources.

Supporting Functionality: Health tracking and visualization.


Role & Responsibilities

User Experience Strategy  |  Interface Design  |  Usability Testing Facilitation |  Requirements Documentation & User Stories